Nanny Wireless Camera

There are often situations where parents can not be near their children due to lack of time. Whether they are in the office, leave for work, etc. And hires a bona fide. Like any person, you worry and want to know at all times whether the little ones are well or whether the bona employee is behaving civilized. We are convinced that you also saw on TV different situations where bona had a very tough behavior towards a child. Avoid these situations! For the little ones, such an experience is unpleasant and can be marked.

Surveillance via Internet – Cheap cctv installation in London

With the IPC302W Wireless Surveillance Camera, you can monitor your home situation at any time. This camera model is equipped with a motorized lens and so you can change the position of the lens according to your preference to capture the area of your interest. Thus, from the web interface, simply by pressing some commands, the camera will change the viewing angle.

The IPC302W also has a 1 megapixel image capture sensor and so you do not have to worry about the quality of the details. To convince you of this, we also made a small video showing the fineness of the images.

Another interesting and useful feature of the camera is that you can talk remotely with your bona fide. Yes, that means the ip / wireless IPC302W has a loudspeaker and a microphone. And if you can not keep an eye on bone activity, no problem. The camera can record locally on a micro sd memory card that can have up to 32 GB. This memory is enough to store information one day.

If you find that something happened while you were doing other things, you can check the records for the entire activity and so you can take action.

Most importantly, placing and putting into operation of the model is extremely simple and you do not need a plumber. A set of knowledge in the network would still be helpful because before you can see the camera remotely, you need to make some changes to its software.

If the whole process is too difficult, again, there is no problem. Our team can help you at no extra cost to set up your surveillance camera so you can check online from your mobile phone too.

Note that access is possible from latest gadgets such as tablets with iOS, Android, etc. And smartphone, notebook or pc. If you need more details call us. We’re lucky to help you.