Tips for a fabulous hairstyle and resistance

Tips for a fabulous hairstyle and resistance

You always want your hair to look good, the hairstyle will last as long as possible and the wires do not electrify. However, these happenings are extremely uncomfortable and often for thin hair. That’s why today I thought to give you some tips that will help you if you want to know how you care for thin hair!

The thin and very fine hair is pleasant to the touch. Nothing compares to its soft and velvety texture. However, problems arise when you want to have an impeccable hairstyle all day. If you have thin hair, you probably already know this is almost impossible.

Yarns will quickly get a smooth look at the root, or your long strings will electrify immediately, and the hairstyle will be ruffled. But what if I told you there are some secrets for you that will help you get the perfect hair style even if your hair is thin?


Next, you will find out how you care for thin hair to have an impeccable look no matter what time of day:


How do you care for thin hair: volume

If you want to have volume even if your hair is thin, you need to know that everything starts from the bathroom. When you wash your hair choose specially designed products to give your hair a hair volume. For example, you can choose a volume shampoo to apply to the root and a moisturizer for peaks.

The most important? Never forget about balm! Choose a balm for the volume to apply to the length of the hair and rinse it carefully. If you do not rinse it properly, there may remain balm residues on the length of hair, which will make it harder and will pull it down. In this case, unfortunately, your effort was in vain, because the threads at the root will let down, the hair will have a smooth and automatic look, goodbye volume!

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Short hairstyles, more suited to thin hair

The subtle hair is known to be devoid of volume. A haircut that greatly disadvantages this texture is the one where the hair goes beyond the clavicle line. It hurts the hairstyle, making smooth and no-voluminous wires at the root.

An effective and rich option? Bob or lob are two hairstyles ideal for thin hair. The shorter the hair is thicker and easier to arrange. The long coats will no longer hang over your shoulders, and the hair will get rid of the smooth and tired look at the root.


Which products do you choose according to your type of hair?

If you do not know how to care for thin hair, then you should be interested and find out that there are some ingredients in styling products that you need to avoid.

For example, silicone-based products. They tend to load the hairs and make them hurt. So the suckers lose out of the volume and you will quickly get that smooth and boring aspect at the root.

Moreover, another trick you should know if you have fine hair is the following: never apply a fixative directly to the root. And it will make your hair hurt, and it will crush it. Instead, if you need to give your hair a fabulous look, take a hair brush.

Apply the fixative directly on the brush or comb, and then lightly brush it through your hair to give your hair a little extra resistance.